Student of Concern


Submitting a Student of Concern Report

Best Practices:

  • Give the context for your observations.
  • If possible, carefully describe changes in student behavior.
  • If possible, identify other sources who can confirm your observations.
  • Use concrete descriptors for behavior observed.
  • Maintain impartiality, particularly if in conflict or at odds with the student.
  • Only include relevant information.
  • Report early even if you are unsure it is a concern. The case manager will reach out to you after you submit the report.


  • Making conclusions about individual’s state of mind or thoughts
  • Personal judgements
  • Extraneous information
  • Diagnostic or clinical terms
  • Reaching conclusions or making recommendations
  • Criticizing other university staff/faculty
  • Blaming or attributing student distress

Submit a Student Concern Report